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Note: The Activan division has been sold to El Dorado. For further information on this product line, please contact them.

SSBF DOT-Public Use Lift32DBLE04

BR2-3000 Series, Commercial Use 32DFR112
BR2SS-3000 Series, Commercial Use 32DFR114
BR2C-Series, Commercial Use 32DFR116
BR2E-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32DBR202


S1000-P series (S-Series), split platform, for personal use 32DSSP02

FoldOver, for Neoplan32DFR102
FoldOver, for Gillig 32DFR104
FR2-3000 Series, Commercial Use 32DFR106
FR2SS, Commercial Use 32DFR108
ER6-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32DER602
ER7-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32DER702
621R-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32D62102
621SA-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32D6SA02
FRE-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32DFRE02
SSR-Series, Low Floor Bus Ramps 32DSSR02

K-Series® KlearVue®
K-Series, Personal and Transit Use 32DSS102
K-Series, Personal and Transit Use - French language 32DSS102F
K-Series, DOT Private Use 32DSSK04
K-Series, DOT Public Use 32DSSK06

F9T-DE, -DS, -SG, etc, Commercial Use 32DF9T02

F9A-Series, Commercial Use32DF9AS02
F9A-Automatic Series, Commercial Use 32DF9AA02
F9B-Series, Personal Use 32DF9BP02
F9B-Series, International Use32DF9BE02
F9TF/F9TH DOT, Public Use32DF9T16
F9T-Series, Transit Use 32DF9T02
F9T-Series, Transit Use, Spanish 32DF9T02S
F9T Transit use, Italian language32DF9T02I
F10X DOT, Public Use32DF1002

Power Door Operators
RDO 2500 series, for sliding door applications32DDO02
RDO 2700 series, for swing door applications 32DDO04
RDO 2900 series, for swing door applications 32DDO06
RDO 3000 series, for swing door applications32DDO302

Power Parking Brake
R1250 model 32DPPB02

6-Way® Power Seatbases
6-Way, R1208 Series32DSB02
6-Way, R1209 Series32DSB04

S1000-R series (S-series), solid platform, for personal use 32DSSP02

Remote Controls
Radio receiver, early style32DRCS00
Radio receiver, keychain type32DRC02

Slide-Away for international use32DSW04

PF4000 Series, for custom installation32DPF402
PF5-3000 Series, for custom installation32DPF502
PF5-3000 Series, for custom installation, French language32DPF50F
PF7000 Series, for custom installation32DPF702
PF7000 Series, for custom installation32DPF704

S-Series, S1000 Personal Use32DSSP02
S-Series, International Use 32DSSE02
S-Series, Transit Use 32DSST02
S-Series, Commercial use, Spanish 32DSST02S
S-Series, Transit Use-ADA 32DSSS02
S-Series, Transit Use-ADA, Manual32DSSM02
S-Series, DOT Private Use32DSSP04
S-Series, DOT Public Use32DSST04
S-Series, Multi-Language, Personal Use32DS0001
S-Series, Multi-Language, Commercial Use32DS0002

S/K-Series, DOT-Public Use Titanium Lifts 32DSKF02
S/K-Series, DOT-Public Use Lifts 32DSKL02
S/K-Series, Export Use Lifts32DSKE02

TL2, Thin platform lifts
Phantom, Personal Use 32DPH02
Phantom, Commercial Use 32DPH04

U6 Series, Personal Use Lift 32DULP02
DOT Private Use Lift 32DULP04



K-Series, DOT Private Use Lift 32DSSK08
Mark 1, DOT Private Use Lift 32DPH06
Slide-Away, DOT Private Use Lift 32DSW02
S-Series, DOT Private Use Lift32DSST06



CityView I and CityView II Bus Windows32DWIN02